“I wanted this new area to embody the excellence and conviviality which distinguish the Principality of Monaco so well. Mareterra will integrate perfectly with our shoreline, and in a few years will be seen as a natural extension of our territory.”


Mareterra is a transformational project for Monaco: a beautiful new community of residential, cultural, and recreational spaces that celebrates the spirit and sensations of the Mediterranean. The name ‘Mareterra’ is inspired by the two complementary elements of the project: the sea and the land. Developed using pioneering, sustainable building techniques, Mareterra lies at the heart of the Principality’s future growth.


Renzo Piano Building Workshop is an international architectural practice with offices in Paris, Genoa and New York. Each project is a personal response to the specifics of its location, with a design solution that embraces architecture, artistry, engineering and technology.


Founded in 1980, Valode & Pistre Architectes is one of France’s most highly regarded architectural practices. Denis Valode and Jean Pistre share a fundamental belief in creating new environments that embrace both natural and human elements.


Michel Desvigne Paysagiste has been a pioneer in contemporary landscape architecture and urban planning for more than 30 years, and has an innate understanding of the vital role that landscape plays in the creation of dynamic, desirable spaces.


First Quarter, 2013

Announcement of the land extension project

July, 2015

Signature of the Treaty authorizing the sea land extension

August, 2016

Preparation phase begins with actions taken to protect local animal and plant species

April, 2017

Maritime work begins in Monaco with the dredging of polluted sediment and riprap removal

First Quarter, 2018

Embankment placement begins

July, 2018

Inauguration by HSH Prince Albert II of the first caisson installed

December, 2019

Completion of maritime structure

June, 2020

New Eco District under construction

December, 2020

Le Renzo begins to take shape

July, 2021

All eco-design measures are in place

December, 2021

The works are in full swing across all areas of the site

July, 2022

Completion of concrete works of Le Renzo's southern part

December, 2022

First plantations on the eco-district

July, 2023

The district reveals its final appearance

December, 2023

First plantings on the hill

November, 2024

Delivery of the entire district


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